Take your organisation’s operations up to the Cloud, a hosted environment where Anittel’s Cloud Computing removes the need to purchase and maintain expensive in-house server infrastructure and applications. Our Hosted Cloud Technology services include:

  • Virtual server – Our hosted cloud technology provides your business with dedicated enterprise-grade hosted server resources and applications, ensuring you avoid the capital cost of expensive on-site hardware, software licensing, setup expenses and ongoing maintenance.
  • Offsite data backup – A simple, cost-effective and automated online service that securely encrypts and transfers your critical data to our network of National Data Centres. This protects it from data loss whether from human error, viruses, or theft sabotage, corruption, fire or natural disasters.
  • Email anti-spam – We use high performance, web-based security applications and monitoring practices to filter incoming email before it enters your business network. This protects your mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and other emerging email-based threats.


big_icon4Virtual Infrastructure provides your organisation with dedicated enterprise grade hosted server resources and applications. By utilising Anittel’s Hosted Cloud Technology you avoid the capital cost of expensive on-site server hardware, software licencing, setup and ongoing maintenance.

Hosted locally in Australia, Anittel Virtual Infrastructure is backed by the industry leading Dell Server and Storage Infrastructure and VMware Virtualisation.

Designed to suit organisations of all sizes, Anittel hosting specialists will customise a Hosted Server and Storage Solution to meet your organisation’s needs. You don’t need to worry about maintenance, updates or version upgrades; we take care of it all, which means you can stay focused on what you do best.


big_icon2Data is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets; protect it from human error, viruses, sabotage, corruption, fire and natural disasters. Offsite Data Backup provides a simple, cost effective, automated online service that protects your organisation from data loss.

Hosted locally in Australia, Offsite Backup securely encrypts and automatically transfers your business critical data to our network of National Data Centres.


big_icon9Scan, filter and protect your organisation from unwanted spam and email based threats. Email Security is designed to secure businesses of all sizes. It protects mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and emerging email-based threats.

Using a combination of high-performance web based security applications and monitoring practices, we are able to filter your email before it enters your business network.

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