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Anittel Unified Communications is a feature rich and scalable solution for organisations looking to integrate Voice, Video & Data Communications. 


UC Phone

Utilising Cisco’s enterprise grade IP Telephony technology, Unified Communications is an innovative communication and collaboration platform.

Unified Communications provides advanced network optimisation and redundancy features to ensure that communications are reliable, clear and content rich. With fixed monthly costs for handsets, network access, management and maintenance, Anittel Unified Communications is operationally cost effective and affordable for organisations of all sizes. 

 Handsets   Basic  Standard  Professional
Handset Image          Basic   Standard   Professional 
Cisco Model No. 6921/6945 Standard 8945 9951/9971
STD Call Feat. Tick Tick Tick
Headset Support Tick Tick Tick
Gigabit Ethernet 6945 Only Tick Tick
Bluetooth   Tick Tick
Video   Tick Tick
Wi-Fi     Tick
Touchscreen     9971 Only



Cisco Handsets
Choose an IP Handset that suits your business requirements. From simple back office phones to advanced video conferencing handsets, Cisco IP Handsets provide a quality communication experience for all types of users. 
 UC Phone 2
Instant Messaging & Presence
View if your colleagues are available - based on their desktop presence. Facilitate faster decision making; quickly initiate instant messaging, conferencing sessions and share content rich information
Instant Messaging
Video Calling
With a familiar and easy-to-use phone interface, you can make and receive video calls within your organisation. Take advantage of face-to-face communications; enhance interactions, build relationships and provide a content rich user experience. - Video Calling is only available on selected IP Handset models.
Video Calling

Mobile Phone Integration
Integrate your Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or Symbian mobile device into the corporate communication network. Use your mobile to access corporate voicemails, employee directory and instant messaging. Calls made to your number can be automatically answered on either your desk or mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Integration

Standard Call Features
Standard call features on all Cisco IP Handsets include: Speakerphone, Directory, Hold/Park/Transfer, Speed Dials, Voicemail to Email, Self-Service Portal, Music on Hold, PoE Device Support and Integrated Network Switch.

User Licensing
Each handset includes User Licensing, Maintenance and Anittel’s National Technical Support.

Desktop Integration
Integrate your corporate communications with your desktop environment. Features such as click-to-dial, softphone controls and single mailbox all improve communications and productivity.  

Additional Handset Models
A full range of standard and specialist Cisco IP Telephone Handsets for desktop, reception, wireless, and conferencing, are available on request. 




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Unified Communications
Discover the benefits of an enterprise featured system for your corporate communications. Integrate Voice, Video & Data Communications and empower your users with advanced call handling features. 



End-to-End Management
Anittel can provide you with total management and accountability for your communication solution. Our end-to-end services include management of the IP Telephony Core, Data Network, Telecommunication Services, Implementation, Maintenance, Ongoing Support and Integration with IT Services.
Business Continuity Business Agility
Hosted IP Telephony provides a platform for business mobility and growth; communicate more effectively and respond faster to business requirements. 
Cost Efficiency Cost Efficiency & ROI
Unified Communications provides your organisation with a lower total cost of ownership; helping you to achieve a positive return on your investment sooner. 


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