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Anittel Inbound Line services can help to promote your business with dedicated 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. Provide your customers with a single national point of contact. Track and trace your inbound business call volumes, whilst improving service efficiency.

Anittel Inbound Line Services

 1300 Number

Customisable 10 digit number.
When dialled from an Australian landline the caller is charged at local rates for the first 5 minutes, the organisation pays call costs thereafter. The service is designed to suit small to medium sized organisations.

 1800 Number

Customisable 10 digit number.
When dialled from an Australian landline the cost of the call is free to the caller. The service is designed to suit small to medium sized organisations.

 13 Number

Customisable 6 digit number.
A shorter and easier to remember number. When dialled from an Australian landline the caller is charged at local rates. The service is designed to suit larger enterprise organisations.

 Smart Number

Customisable alphanumeric number.
A smart number replaces the last 6 digits of the 10-digit inbound number with a word, making it easy to remember. Ideal for businesses with Inbound sales and services, Anittel can facilitate this.




Call Routing
Create customised call routing rules to suit your organisation, including routing calls by postcode, geographic proximity or time of the day/week.

Customised Number
Choose a specific inbound number for customer support, enquiries and promotional activities.

Call Reporting
Track, trace and monitor your inbound call traffic to help your organisation report call trends.

If your business has to relocate, your nominated inbound service number will go with you.

Tracking & Routing
Create specific numbers for support, enquiries, and promotional activities. Trace the quantity of inbound numbers, setup specific routing rules to ensure your customer call experience is efficient and effective.

Local Call Cost
Inbound 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers are charged at the cost of a local call.


Customer Service

Personalised Customer Service
Our personalised customer service is what makes Anittel a unique National Telecommunication Provider. We work with you to implement tailored solutions and follow up with personalised ongoing support.

Competitive Rates

Highly Competitive Rates
Anittel provides a competitive and refreshing alternative to other Telecommunication providers

Account Management


Your own Account Manager
Do you find it frustrating when you have to continually repeat yourself to an overseas call centre? Our customers enjoy the benefit of having their own local account manager, making it easier for you to contact us and access personalised support.


Customised Invoices 
Organisations have the option of customised invoices. If you have multiple offices we can split your invoice into the different locations so you will be able to clearly monitor your Telecommunication costs.

Award Winning Award Winning
We promise to always provide personalised service, competitive rates and commitment to local business. In 2011 Anittel was awarded Telecommunications Reseller of the Year by Australian Reseller Network (ARN).  
Operation Efficiency

Create Operation Efficiency
Avoid the cost and complication of multiple network suppliers and gain the convenience, accountability and value of a single trusted communications partner.

End to End

Complete End-to-End Services
Anittel provides complete end-to-end technology solutions and services; tailoring Telecommunication Services and integrating it with IT Support, Internet and Cloud Services. 

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