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Private Networks (IP WAN) link multiple organisation office locations under a single network and provide unlimited traffic between sites, traffic optimisation and prioritisation for critical business applications and services. 

It is an ideal network foundation for an organisation with: 

  • Multiple Locations
  • File and Application Sharing
  • Intranets & IP Telephony
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Video & Audio Streaming





Unlimited Internal Traffic
Internal network download and upload traffic is not counted towards monthly data quotas; allowing businesses to operate network applications when and where required.

High Bandwidth & High Performance
Private Networking has various bandwidth range options, with a download and upload rate of up to 1Gbps.

Symmetrical Service
Private Networking services are symmetrical, meaning that they have the same download and upload rates. Symmetrical services are essential for businesses that utilise upload bandwidth for Private Networks, terminal services, IP Telephony, file sharing, internal intranets and remote worker support.

Traffic Prioritisation (QoS)
Optimise and prioritise different types of data passing through your network. Private Networks improve network performance and reliability for business critical applications.

Business Grade Support
Anittel has a dedicated Australian Internet Support Team that supports clients across regional and metropolitan Australia.


High Performance

High Performance
With speed options of up to 1 Gbps, Private Networking services are ideal for businesses that have demanding connectivity and performance requirements.

Private Networking

Network Foundation
Ethernet provides an effective connectivity platform for IP Telephony, Intranets, file shares, remote desktop users, replication and disaster Recovery.

Cost Efficiency    

Centralise Costs & Management
By utilising a Private Network you can centralise your network connectivity costs; removing the hassle of managing different network providers for each branch office.

Remote and Mobile


Shared Application Services & Remote Computing
Private Networks (IP WAN) provide a high-speed and reliable network platform for shared application services; enabling users to get access to corporate network applications while on the road or in remote branch offices.

Security Traffic Routing & Security
Network traffic is securely and privately routed to its destination, removing performance and security issues associated with traditional public networks.
Regional Support Regional Presence
Anittel has an established presence of regional and metropolitan locations, enabling Anittel to work more effectively with national, regional and remote customers.
Competitive Rates Competitive Pricing 
Anittel are able to provide better pricing alternatives through our unique ability to source and integrate multi-carrier data network solutions.



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