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Scan, filter and protect your organisation from unwanted spam and email based threats. Email Security is designed to secure businesses of all sizes. It protects mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and emerging email-based threats.

Using a combination of high-performance web based security applications and monitoring practices, we are able to filter your email before it enters your business network.


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Hosted Security Infrastructure
  • Servers hosted in Australia
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Business grade support & SLA
  • Best-in-Class solution  

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Email Security
  • Content Filtering 
  • Mail Encryption
  • Quarantine Management
  • Online User Portal
  • Administration Access

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Benefits to your Organisation
  • Per User / Unit Pricing
  • Fixed Monthly Costs
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Easy Setup
  • Service Reliability


Anittel is one of only several certified VMware vCloud powered partners in Australia. Our team is able to implement hybrid cloud based solutions that take provided enhanced management, resource agility, and reduced IT costs through increased consolidation.

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Content Filtering
Email messages and attachments can be filtered based on keywords, attachments, sender reputation and trend characteristics.

Protect private and confidential data with secure email communication encryption.

Quarantine Management
Messaging search tools provides complete visibility and access to quarantined messages and logs. 

Online User Portal
Easy and intuitive online user portal access, releases quarantined messages, updates whitelist/blacklist senders, and updates & manages email policies. 

Administration Access
Separate administration access controls for quarantine management, reports, audit trails, and group policies.

Email Continuity & DR Protection
Built-in redundancy and email spooling to ensure that emails are not lost during local network or systems outages.


Best in Class


Anittel Email Security is based on Cisco’s Ironport Security Platform, recently rated by Gartner as the industry’s leading email security solution.

Per Unit Cost Per User / Unit Pricing 
Anittel Email Security is based on a consumption price model. This means no matter what size your organisation is, you only pay for the services you actually use.
Fixed Monthly

Fixed Monthly Costs
Save money with fixed monthly service fees, cost includes all user licensing and support. 

Low Maintenance No Maintenance Required 
You don’t need to worry about maintenance, updates or version upgrades; we take care of the lot, which means you can stay focused on what you do best.
Easy Set Up Easy Setup
Save time and money with no onsite equipment or software to install or maintain.


   Service Reliability
We understand you need a reliable business grade service. Unlike consumer grade products, our services include built in redundancy procedures and support to ensure that your critical applications are protected.



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