• big_icon_1Voice Only NBN Phone Plans: Whether you have a large office with a lot of people using the phone or a small one, we have the right plan for you provided by the National Broadband Network.
  • big_icon_2NBN Internet and Phone Service: By bundling services together you can save money on your telecommunication needs for your home or business. Your services will come through on the same bill. We can provide you with a NBN and Phone bundle that is tailor suited to your organisation’s needs.
  • big_icon_3Bundles: 50GB + Phone
    100GB + Phone
    250GB + Phone
    500GB + Phone
    1TB + Phone


Anittel can provide your business with competitive rates for PSTN, ISDN and ISDN 10/20/30 Line Services. Anittel specialises in tailoring connections to suit your organisation’s requirements. Our team will help ensure you’re not paying for unused lines and that your connections can be easily scaled to meet your changing business needs.

We offer:

  • big_icon_4PSTN Fixed Line Service
  • big_icon_5ISDN Fixed Line Service
  • big_icon_6ISDN 10/20/30 Fixed Line Service
  • big_icon_7Digital Phone Lines with a PABX Phone Systems


Inbound Line services assist to promote your business with dedicated 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. Anittel can help you provide your customers with a single national point of contact. Utilising Inbound Lines, your business will have the ability to track and trace your inbound business call volumes whilst improving service efficiency.

We offer:

  • big_icon_81300 Numbers
  • big_icon_91800 Numbers
  • big_icon_1013 Numbers
  • big_icon_11Smart Numbers


Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise our team can set your business up with business mobile phone plans according to your organisational needs.

  • big_icon_12BYO Mobile Plans
  • big_icon_13Mobile 3G Plans

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