Cloud Services

Cloud Computing reduces costs and capital expenditure, while delivering improved reliability, accessibility and scalability.


Hosted Virtual_Infrastructure ...

Cloud Virtual Servers have the functionality of traditional servers and software. Avoid the capital cost of expensive server hardware, software licencing, setup and ongoing maintenance.
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Hosted Online_Backup  

A cost effective service that can backup critical business data to a secure offsite location.  Nightly backups encrypt and transfer your data via your business's internet connection to Anittel’s network of Australian Data Centres.
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Hosted Email_Security  

Cloud-based email security is designed to secure businesses of all sizes. The service filters emails before it enters your business network, protecting servers and mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and emerging email-based threats.
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Hosted Email_Hosting  

Enterprise level email services based on Microsoft Exchange that offer the same rich full-access functionality associated with an in-house maintained server. These include web based and remote access, mobile device sync, contact lists, shared calendars, tasks, notes and public folders.
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Hosted Email_Archiving

Email Archiving is an offsite service that stores each message your organisation has ever sent or received. It is designed to help businesses secure, search and retrieve important email information. 
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Hosted Domain_and_Website

We can help your business register and maintain a website and public presence. Website hosting packages provide the storage, data and flexibility you need to successfully host your company’s website.
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By saving valuable time, cost and physical space, you can dedicate your resources to running your business without worrying about your technology.

Per User / Unit Pricing
Cloud Services are based on a consumption price model. This means no matter what size your organisation is, you only pay for the services you actually use.

Fixed Monthly Costs
Save money with fixed monthly service fees. These include user licensing, maintenance, backup and version upgrades.

No Maintenance Required
You don’t need to worry about maintenance, updates or version upgrades; we take care of the lot which means you can stay focused on what you do best.

Flexible & Scalable
With Cloud Services you are no longer locked into a technology investment. Your business has the freedom, flexibility and scalability to test and implement new solutions. You can add and remove users or increase capacity without any additional infrastructure investment. These new cloud services can integrate existing technology investments.

Greater Mobility
Through a fixed or mobile connection, real time access can be provided to your users wherever there is internet connectivity. This level of mobility enables users to work effectively from the road, remote offices or home.

Why Anittel

The next generation of organisation technology is here; utilising the power of cloud to deliver enterprise-grade features, costs savings and improve service scalability and reliability.



Hosted Locally in Australia
Anittel exclusively uses local Australian data centres. Client information and data is never sent off-shore and is protected by industry best-practice security systems.

Peace of Mind


Total Peace-of-Mind 
Our team provides you with total management and accountability for your cloud solution. Our end-to-end services include implementation, maintenance and ongoing support.

Regional Support   

A Local Support Team
With an established network of regional and metropolitan offices, you will be supported by our friendly local support teams and personnel.




Service Reliability
We understand you need a reliable business-grade service. Unlike consumer grade products our Cloud Services have 24 hour monitoring, built in redundancy and back up procedures to ensure that your critical applications and data are highly available.
Operation Efficiency Create Operation Efficiency 
Avoid the cost and complication of multiple cloud suppliers and gain the convenience, accountability and value of a single cloud technology partner.
End to End Complete End-to-End Services
Anittel can provides complete end-to-end technology solutions and services; tailoring Cloud Services and integrating it with IT Support, Telecommunications and Internet Connectivity.







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