How Strategic IT Planning Can Make Your Business Systems More Efficient

Research by CompTIA found that only 17% of small and medium businesses are exactly where they want to be when it comes to readiness to use improved technology, highlighting the concern that many SMBs have in preparing both staff and business infrastructure for adaptation and adoption of new IT strategies.

Moving infrastructure to the cloud, improving network stability and speeds and purchasing hardware and software to make your organisation leaner, more flexible and responsive to the needs of customers and stakeholders requires significant and strategic IT planning. Here’s some considerations for your business on how to plan your IT strategy to maximise the success of your business.


Gain efficiency through scale

In Information Technology and systems, efficiency works at scale. For example, Anittel’s cloud computing and hosted environments are much easier to scale in size when you don’t have to pay for and deploy the hardware yourself. A prudent IT plan means migration to cloud hosted services is a must for most organisations who want to improve system efficiency and costs over time.

Cloud computing is a disruptive force across all industries and levels of communication. Your cloud provider should be able to work with your ISP to provide safe, reliable and secure connections between your data and your information. Other services you’ll want to consider include off site backup of your data and virtual servers for lean deployment of hosted environments.


Improve business communications

As technology provides more options and access, many companies are falling behind. Lack of a strategic IT plan means things that your customers and staff take for granted, like easy to access onsite WiFi, aren’t there when they need to be. Cisco’s Meraki solution fits neatly into most forward thinking IT strategic plans, offering unparalleled control over wireless communications and access.


Understand how the sunk cost fallacy affects your business

Planning for the future is about more than just technology lifecycles. In some cases, poor IT planning or changing market conditions can mean failure to upgrade, leaving your business or organisation at a disadvantage.

Technology isn’t like fine wine. It doesn’t get better with age. The trend has always been towards more efficient computing, leaner development cycles, smaller hardware and faster connectivity. Part of implementing a strategic IT plan is identifying where existing technology is letting you down and weighing the cost benefit of replacement before end of life.

Improve IT highlights how “bad technology decisions can leave you suffering for years. A faulty system can send your stress levels through the roof.”

The Sunk Cost fallacy tells us that the more we invest financially (and emotionally) into something, the more we expect to ‘get back’ from it, regardless of the outcome. Money spent on existing hardware is already spent. You can’t get it back, save maybe repurposing or selling it in a secondary market.

Good IT planning means acknowledging where mistakes have been made. If your business hardware and software isn’t up to scratch and is causing you to lose money, it probably doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on it, what matters is how you plan to improve moving forward. Anittel’s extensive list of hardware and software products and services is a testament to how much more thorough a complete IT solution can be if curated by a specialised IT consultancy as opposed to an internal IT team.


Protection from staff turnover and entrenchment

In IT circles, there are always stories floating around of particular programmers or architects who, having designed a specifically bespoke, essential and undocumented piece of software, now hold leverage over that organisation. Even worse, when that staff member or team decides to leave, there’s no one left to administer the software.

IT planning will protect your organisation from this kind of blackmail. Employing Managed IT Services from a professional technology organisation ensures you get the scale and support you need from a reputable provider without fear of business interruption from loss of staff.


Consolidating your Information Technology Planning

As the line between software and hardware continues to dissipate, the Internet of Things is emerging as a multibillion device network. The computer as we know it is changing to become more specific, automated and built for purpose. Sensors that can track logistics and sales provide unprecedented levels of data and control over our workflows. To manage these new methods on computing, businesses will need Converged Infrastructure that integrates network, storage and computing into a flexible package.  

By keeping one eye firmly on the future, organisations large and small can ensure improved efficiency across their business through strategic IT planning. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Anittel can help you transition from sub-par technology processes to above industry standard performance by ensuring that your business is not only always employing the best practice technology in the market, but is utilising the best solution designed specifically for you.

If you want to speak to some IT experts about how your business can become more efficient, get in touch to find out how we can help by providing your details here or contact us on 1300 10 11 12.

Jared Weber

Regional Manager - Central West NSW

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services for Your Business

As businesses move more of their services online and into the cloud, new methods to effectively scale IT support services need to be developed. Using a Managed IT Service Provider allows businesses to easily, and cost effectively, take advantage of the cloud and other leading technology changes happening in the market.

Here are some of the top benefits of outsourcing your business’ IT needs (all of which Anittel can provide assistance with)

Broader technical experience

In-house IT teams tend to focus on the immediate needs of the business, particularly with break-fixing rather than long term solutions and automation. Compared to an outsourced Managed IT Service Provider, in-house IT teams are often smaller, which can lead to single points of failures or delays in completing projects due to lacking the ability to scale quickly when needed.

Gaps in efficiency and technical knowledge can greatly impact the bottom line of many businesses, and runs contrary to the advantages that come with using a managed IT service. Larger IT organisations can provide the necessary expertise to tackle a range of information and communication problems, using issues they’ve encountered in previous challenges to produce results more effectively in the future.

At Anittel, we have a national network of highly skilled engineers and technicians (many of which are accredited by leading technology vendors), providing you with the flexible option of receiving support both onsite and remotely.

More time to focus on your business

Companies that manage their own in-house IT infrastructure are invariably forced to devote time and energy at an executive level to negotiating their technology needs, creating extra workload at the top.

However, for many businesses, technology is a tool; it’s something that needs to just ‘work’, so you have more time to focus on the core elements of your business. That’s why many companies are using managed IT services instead of large in-house teams. They can focus on their business needs and drive their ideas forward with the knowledge they have immediate access to all the IT skills necessary to underpin the delivery of these ideas. With outsourced IT, your provider scales with you. With Anittel, you also get to leverage the benefits of our long-standing relationships with some of the world’s leading global IT vendors, giving you ease of mind that you’re working with the best of breed technologies.

Streamlined human resources

With Managed IT Services, you don’t have to worry about long term hiring and staffing costs. Technical staffing can be outsourced to providers, meaning you won’t need to keep technical staff onsite to troubleshoot the occasional issue. A managed service ensures you can quickly and efficiently match the business task to the appropriately skilled technician at a cost relevant to that particular issue in isolation. Too often businesses incur unnecessary staffing costs due to having over-qualified in-house IT staff looking after basic functions, all for the convenience of being able to solve complex issues when they infrequently occur.  Instead, your managed IT provider is able to provide technical expertise and onsite staffing as and when required, reducing HR costs and office space requirements.

This means less on-boarding and off-boarding of staff, less downtime between hires, and more productivity for your teams.  

Compliance and assurance

Information technology compliance is constantly evolving. Staying up to date with standards like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or ITIL Service Management can be tricky for organisations that don’t have highly skilled IT professionals.  

Managed IT Service providers can deliver best practice assurance for organisations through a set of uniform and up to date practices that maximise your business technology compliance and create peace of mind for your business.

Think of us as your “Virtual CTO”.

Streamlined project management

One of the biggest challenges for in-house IT services is the management of new projects while maintaining day to day business as usual.

In-house IT teams often only have the resources to manage baseline services. So, when new services and applications are implemented, it frequently involves looking to external consultants or new hires to provide expertise, usually at an extensive cost.

Managed IT Service Providers already have these teams in place, ready to action and implement new technologies into your business, with minimum fuss and plenty of visibility and expertise.

Anittel’s Project Management team and Professional Services team work seamlessly together to create a customised IT solution that is best suited to the way your business operates. Our combined years of experience means that we understand the uniqueness of every business, and have the innovation to develop best-fit solutions.

365 day monitoring, 24/7

Managed IT Service Providers typically apply a number of different strategies to monitor network functionality and ensure continuous availability all day every day.

Even if your business has its own IT monitoring team, they’ve got to clock off sometime. Outsourced IT firms operate at scale, making it more cost effective than you employing night and weekend monitoring of critical business systems.

Getting a jump on the competition

Small businesses often can’t afford the upfront costs of sophisticated IT infrastructure and in-house support. Managed IT Service Providers usually offer a good opportunity for new or small companies to scale their infrastructure and support without high investment upfront. Rather than being a barrier to entry, your IT needs can grow as your business does.

Up to date security

Cybersecurity continues to pose a significant pain point for many businesses as they move more and more business online. These days, deflecting potentially malicious attacks towards your digital assets is more than just a secure and up to date antivirus. With cybersecurity professionals in short supply, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fill an in-house position without considerable expense and risk.

IT outsourcing companies live or die by their web and infrastructure security, and that’s why well-managed IT services companies invest heavily in both secure infrastructure and qualified personnel, as well as the processes to ensure their client’s data is protected and vulnerabilities identified.

Knowing the benefits IT outsourcing can provide

All in all, outsourcing the IT support needs of your business can provide you with peace of mind that your infrastructure and technological processes are always working effectively, constantly updated and as secure as they can possibly be.

All of the above benefits form only the tip of the iceberg of what your business can experience if you outsource your complex IT to experts. Anittel is one of Australia’s leading Managed It Providers with a national network of 100+ accredited engineers across 14 locations in Australia, long standing relationships with the world’s best IT vendors and most importantly teams that are highly motivated to deliver a successful IT environment for your business. Provide your details here, or contact us at 1300 10 11 12, and an Anittel Customer Development Manager will be happy to have an initial discussion and if appropriate provide a free consultation.

Daniel Anderson

State Manager, QLD

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