The Top 5 Things you need to know about the New Skype for Business


This week sees Microsoft’s announcement and commencement of rolling out the new Skype for Business; formerly known as Microsoft Lync, as a part of the April monthly update for Office 2013. Within the coming weeks and by the end of May, current users of Lync Online will be updated to the new Skype for Business with their regular windows updates.

Clear and smooth communication between employees is crucial for any business. Skype for Business provides this platform and here are 5 Things to know about the software and the unified communication benefits it brings to a business.

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4 Steps to Improve Your Email Security


As is the case with modern day business emails and websites, security remains a constant, ever-evolving issue. Anti-virus and harmful emails have become a sort of cat and mouse where mal-ware, ransom-ware, and viruses are constantly evolving and developing, while anti-virus, security software, and services are constantly updating and forecasting to stay ahead of the future threats.

There always remains a portion of responsibility on end users to utilise their best judgement and realise that malicious emails are still around and being sent under false pretences. The safest bet is to not open any emails and especially any attachments or links where the authenticity or source is in question.

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Is Microsoft Office 365 a good move for your business?


Microsoft have built out a compelling offering in Office365 over the past few years and it’s time to look at the options and investigate whether it’s appropriate for your business to look at going down the path of implementing O365.

If you’re looking for the short version of this blog, the short answer is yes – it’s a good idea! The longer version is yes with some caveats.

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