The Benefits of Merging Your IT and Telecommunications Providers

anittel - The Benefits of Merging Your IT and Telecommunications Providers

With technology being seen increasingly as a service, brands are finding themselves managing more and more contracts and agreements between multiple providers. Untangling this complex web of policy and procedure can be a monumental task, particularly in times of crisis. For businesses, there’s a lot to be gained by bundling Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with a single provider.
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Inabox CEO Damian Kay talks about the acquisition of leading cloud provider Hostworks

Looking for a more efficient, mobile workforce?

Anittel uses Dell Networking and Dell PowerEdge servers to help you achieve more for your business.

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Enterprise networking is in the midst of a significant transformation. IT managers face huge challenges when it comes to controlling their network effectively, with increasing use of cloud computing, more demand for workplace mobility, growing variety of business devices, and a desire for data centre consolidation.

There has never been a more critical time to invest in data and IT.

You need a solution that helps drive business innovation across the entire enterprise, and Anittel is proud to offer our customers access to Dell products that allow you to do more in this changing environment.

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